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Bring the Magic of a World-Class Fireworks Display to Your Next Party, Corporate Event, Wedding, or Gender Reveal in Jacksonville.

Here Comes the BOOM!

Independence Displays is your trusted partner in creating memories that last a lifetime. Based in Jacksonville, FL, we pride ourselves in crafting spectacular events and lighting up the skies with breathtaking firework displays. From the softest whispers of an unforgettable gender reveal to the grand fanfare of wedding fireworks, our team ensures each moment is captured with perfection and grandeur.

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Jacksonville's top pyrotechnics with the area's best fireworks.

Choosing Independence Displays is more than just hiring an event planner or pyrotechnician; it's about trusting a partner dedicated to turning your dreams into reality. Our commitment to quality ensures that every event is executed with precision and finesse. Our team of professionals is trained to prioritize safety without compromising on the spectacle. With years of experience in the industry and a plethora of satisfied clients in Jacksonville and beyond, we promise an experience that is both safe and mesmerizing. Let's create memories together!

Diverse Range of Pyrotechnic Services


Let your event dance to the rhythm of colors and music. Our pyromusicals are choreographed to perfection, ensuring an immersive experience.

Firework Displays

Whether for the Fourth of July, New Year's Eve, or a special celebration, we guarantee a show that leaves your & guests audience in awe.

Special Event Planning

Beyond fireworks, our team is skilled in orchestrating entire events. From venues to lighting and music, we've got you covered.

Wedding Fireworks

Make your special day even more memorable with a tailor-made firework display, ensuring that your love story shines brighter than ever.

Event Pyrotechnics

Elevate your event to new heights with our event pyrotechnics. From stage effects to grand openings, we ensure your event's brilliance.

Gender Reveals

Celebrate the announcement of your little one with a burst of pink or blue, as our gender reveal fireworks add magic to your joyous moment.