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Our Pyromusicals shows combine stunning fireworks display in Jacksonville choreographed to music, creating a breathtaking and unforgettable spectacle for any event or gathering.

fireworks displays

Firework Displays

Our Firework Displays deliver spectacular, high-quality fireworks shows tailored to your event, lighting up the sky with a vibrant array of colors and patterns.

event pyrotechnics

Event Pyrotechnics

With our Event Pyrotechnics, we bring drama and excitement to your event, utilizing expertly controlled pyrotechnic effects for a truly memorable experience.

special event planning

Special Event Planning

Our Special Event Planning provides professional coordination, ensuring your event is executed from concept to completion for an unforgettable experience.

wedding fireworks jacksonville

Wedding Fireworks

With Independence Displays, make your special day even more magical with custom-designed, stunning firework displays that light up your celebration.

Gender Reveals

Gender Reveals

Celebrate the newest addition to your family with Independence Displays' Gender Reveals, unveiling the big news with a dazzling firework display in blue or pink.

Private DJ Services

Private Party DJ

Our Private Party DJ Services ensure your event is filled with the perfect soundtrack, with a DJ mixing the music to taste and creating an vibe atmosphere.

private party fireworks

Private Party Fireworks

Add a touch of brilliance to your private parties as we illuminate your celebration with custom-tailored firework displays, creating unforgettable experiences.